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Check-in made Easy?

Yes Please

Implementing a self-service check-in solution into your hotel can be a bold move, but it has been a smart business decision for those that have taken the step. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty are two of the compelling reasons.

What’s more, guests love the convenience and personalised experience that self-service check-in provides, leading to higher satisfaction rates and repeat bookings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of today’s travellers with self-service hotel check-in solutions.

How it works

1. Increased Operational Efficiency

No queues at the reception. Use your employees more in helping guests with the self-check-in process.

2. Improved Guest Satisfaction

Guests experience seamless and personalised service – the ultimate loyalty generator.

3. Competitive Differentiation

Attract and retain tech-savvy travellers who value efficiency, convenience, and a great service.

Why it works

Delight your guests

Delighted guests

spend more

Hotels are all about the stay, but delighted customers spend more, stay longer and return more frequently. Making the whole process of arriving, staying, paying, access and checking out, ultra smooth with familiar technology.

Result? a delighted guest

Differentiate your hotels

Steal a march on the competition

With fewer staff but deployed to welcome and assist guests with your speedy automated check-in / out, payment and room access your guests will naturally choose your hotels above others.

When you see it in action - relaxed, speedy, welcoming - any time of the day / night

Mobile phone room access

Guests want to use their mobiles

Remove the need for programming room keys. Guests can load their mobile phone wallet with the room key from the kiosk to gain room access - easy!

No plastic, no lost keys, great for the customer and the environment



Curves with cutting-edge technology

Elegant Design: Seamlessly curved, visually striking kiosk

Cutting Edge Technology: Streamlines check-in efficiency

Intuitive Interface: User-friendly, hassle-free check-in process

Enhanced Guest Experience: Swift, secure and convenient arrival

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Unmatched versatility and DDA access

Adaptable Design: Easily customisable for various user needs

Modular Functionality: Versatile modules for seamless integration

Versatility in Use: For different spaces and user requirements

Efficient Performance: Streamlined operations, hassle-free.


Fits in any corner of a busy work space

Countertop Convenience: Compact design for diverse settings

Sleek Self-Service: Aesthetics coupled with efficient functionality

Versatile Applications: Ideal fro various uses and settings

Convenient Self Service: Streamlined and quick transactions


Furniture Embedded Check In System

Embedded System: Easily fit in any desk furniture

Sleek Self-Service: Aesthetics coupled with efficient functionality

Versatility in Use: For different spaces and user requirements

Efficient Performance: Streamlined operations, hassle-free.

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