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Custom kiosks by their name are designed for a specific purpose to fit a certain space and/or look a certain way. Custom kiosks have to totally complementary to the application or situation they are to be used in to be worth the additional cost and effort on creating them.

K4B can really demonstrate the ability to produce kiosk designs meeting the customer’s brief, technological functionality, requirements, aesthetic design to match customers’ expectations and manufacture the end result with quality. All done in the UK with the customer involved at all the stages.

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  • The start point is a client needing a kiosk or terminal for a specific purpose.
  • K4B define the technologies required to be integrated into the kiosk.
  • Deployment location generally suggests wall mount or desktop or freestanding or furniture integrated type of kiosk – but it is subjective depending on clients viewpoint.
  • The design concept is then discussed by way of understanding the design cues from the client – what is important , colours , sizing.
  • What sort of shaping does the client think appropriate. Referral back to existing installations and designs helps from an initial design concept the the client feels is right for the application.
  • K4B then work on the concept, dimensions to include the technology.
  • Initial, potential design concepts are submitted to the client to review.
  • One design concept is chosen to work on for a more definitive design.
  • A 3D render is produced showing design, dimensions integrated peripherals and finish.
  • Adjustments are made to this design in concert with the client.
  • When all is agreed, the reals detail design of the kiosk is started to enable a prototype to be made.
  • After the prototype is assessed any detail modifications can be made at this point.
    After any modifications are made to the design the production kiosks are then manufactured

A Typical Case?

Customer needs a self-service ‘kiosk’ or terminal to enable his customer to serve themselves (queue avoiding) on a specific function (check-in, retrieve tickets, book something, any process that requires identification of the person, one or more transactions to be performed and customer able to receive the service as a result.
For this situation, the kiosk needs to have a certain set of technologies built in that are unique to that customer. Also, there is the following.

1. Aesthetic consideration – it has to fit in with its surroundings
2. There is also a size consideration
3. Where will it be deployed?
4. Just one or many?
5. Wall mounted, desktop or free standing.

The answers generally dictate a custom or customized standard kiosk.
To start a custom kiosk design we request a project minimum of 10 kiosks to produce an all new custom
kiosk design. (Customized standard kiosks – generally no minimum)

What we have done to the kiosk world?


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A testament to how technology, aesthetics, and functionality can come together to elevate the check-in process.

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Built upon the foundation of the standard Figur model, this edition showcases a harmonious blend of form and functionality that caters to Dalata’s unique needs.

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