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VisitLog is one of the best visitor management systems, with a long history of serving clients all over the world. With the VisitLog Visitor Management System, arriving customers are checked in with all the information required by the receiving company and are able to self check-in and register themselves as "on the premises". This action then prints an identification badge enabling them to enter the company premises. VisitLog allows the company to manage the visitor's stay effectively and keeps a record of each individual entering the premises. VisitLog Visitor Management System takes care of many administrative tasks thereby reducing the workload of receptionists,f allowing them to focus on other professional tasks.

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VisitLog is an affordable visit and registration system. Visitlog was developed by our partner RIW Software Technology in Sweden.

VisitLog welcomes visitors and allows them to sign in when arriving in your building. With VisitLog in your reception area, guests and customers can self check-in and register their visit. As a visitor system VisitLog has two main functions, one is for the visitors and the other is for the manager or administrator. With VisitLog visitor system the receptionist or manager can administrate all the activities regarding visits and guests in the company.

Visitor Registration System

VisitLog provides the opportunity for customers to register at the reception when they arrive in your building or premises. After the registration process visitors can print a label or badge for identification as a visitor. All the information related to visitors is stored in a secure database. Every guest visit is logged in the system with all required information where the receptionist can, at anytime, get a full view or history of all visits and visitors. Visitlog provides many useful features for visitor registration:

  • Send invitation and messages
  • Pre-register guests
  • Auto / Self registration
  • Print identity labels or badges
  • Customise the labels

Visitor Management System

VisitLog Visitor System gives the receptionist or manager an easy and effective way for handling visits and visitors in the company. The manager has full authority in the system. Once the visitor has finished the registration process, VisitLog manages all the administration work, manages visitors and handles visits. VisitLog has the ability to track and monitor visitor traffic during the entire day or as long as the visitor is on-premises / logged in. VisitLog is a complete visitor management system with popular features such as:

  • Print visitor badge
  • Car Parking facilities
  • Emergency visitor list
  • Wi-Fi access code

Badge printing full Eidos kiosk for Visitlog

Managing your guests' visits

Managing visitors with the help of systems and software has been shown to be more effective than manual systems. VisitLog visitor management software keeps a constant watch on every individual that is present on the premises for their stay duration. With this type of visitor management software, no unwanted people can enter the premises. Security and safety of all in the company and premises is assured at all times.

In addition VisitLog is flexible and can be customised according to the client company's requirements. SMS / E-mail notifications are sent and security managers are always updated about the number of people on the premises. It means that in emergency situations, evacuating the building is easy.

VisitLog is reliable, time-saving, effective and now used by many institutions as a result.

VisitLog administration dashboard

Modus label printing kiosks for VisitLog

Visitlog Mobile App

  • Evacuation List
    During evacuation, the list can be emailed / printed.
    Also the possibility to check out visitors and call directly if anyone is missing.
  • Prebook
    Easily pre-book visitors wherever you are.
    Fast registration since the visitor's information is already registered by the visitor recipient.
  • Logout
    Easily log out your visitor if your visitor for example is let out another way than through the main entrance.
  • Parking List
    Visitors can register their vehicle.
    The list can be used by the responsible parking guard or parking company.
  • SMS / messages
    Visitlog can send SMS / messages to inform the visitor recipient when their visitors arrived. The SMS /message is sent with an anonymous number. The recipient can answer the visitor directly.

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