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Getting the information in and out of people

Our Information-Point and Survey-Point software enable organisations to provide information to their audience as well as receiving feedback on their services , using digital means.

Many local councils have been using Information-Point on publicly available K4B kiosks for years to provide interactive information to their local inhabitants. Sure start children and family centres use/used K4B Parent-Information-Point (PIP) kiosks to impart a wealth of information on demand to families.

How it works


At trade show

Let visitors browse and buy your services and products


In a hospital

Display useful medical information or check-in patients


In a town council

Allow the citizens to access all their digital services

Announce24 software

Publicly available touchscreen kiosks with Information-Point CMS software puts all the information you have at the Kiosk user’s fingertips with no staff required.

You can choose your operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android

Available in 3 modes










Sharing Information

Sharing Customer Feedback

Guest or visitor arrivals, employee access

Information-Point, designed by K4B, ensures a flexible approach to offering interactive information on kiosks.

Being browser-based Information-Point can be set up or updated at will and from anywhere. All file types and URLs can be used in the information provision. Branding, logos and colour schemes are easily added to ensure that Information-Point looks like your own creation – without complexity.

Get one of our kiosks – large wall tablet to free-standing large screen to create a compelling visitor information kiosk from K4B.

Many options are available including impressive sound for a more audiovisual information kiosk - and more.

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