Information and survey software

Organisations wanting to provide information to their audience or wanting feedback on their services, using digital means, need InformationPoint and SurveyPoint software suites.

Many local councils have been using Information-Point on publicly available K4B kiosks for years to provide interactive information to their local inhabitants. Surestart children and family centres use/used K4B Parent-Information-Point (PIP) kiosks to impart a wealth of information on demand to families. Read more…

The NHS use InformationPoint software to give patients easy access to detailed information on a wide range of subjects relevant to the clinic or surgery.

InformationPoint kiosks are especially relevant for sensitive subjects that people do not what to ask about. Being able to email yourself with the information found from kiosk Information-Point is a major advantage

Organisations with a wealth of information available to their audience increasingly need digital means to offer the information. with the volume of information available and the rising number of people wanting access, including digitally excluded people,  publicly available touchscreen kiosks and CMS software is an easy way of providing access to many people.

Publicly available touchscreen kiosks with InformationPoint CMS software puts all the information you have at the Kiosk user’s fingertips with no staff required.

Creating your information database with Information-Point is simplicity itself by anyone that can use a PC or tablet.

Touchscreen kiosks with your information database on InformationPoint is the most cost-effective way to interact and provide information to your audience – K4B makes it easy.

The software can also be part of your website (as it is ours) allowing website viewers to find the same information as on your kiosks. This is Digital inclusion made easy.
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