Creating time

Echo self-service medical kiosks create valuable time saving for doctors and nurses. A patient’s standard health statistics are needed to establish the basic health of the patient. This time-consuming activity is normally carried out by a nurse or doctor. But Echo self-service medical kiosks remove the need for a nurse or doctor to be present. The patient generates their own data using a Echo self-service medical kiosk. The kiosk shows the patient how to perform the tests on screen. When complete, the kiosk uploads the data to the patient’s records for the busy doctor (or remote doctor or specialist) to review.

Doctors and Nurses doing what they do best

Echo self-service medical kiosks help significantly, enabling existing health staff to concentrate on their patients’ needs but with the patients’ data to hand. Accessing Primary care in the NHS continues to increase in demand and Primary care staff numbers cannot keep pace with demand – medical health kiosks step in to help. Always ready, no training required and with accurate data.

Echo self-service medical health kiosks help free up doctors and nurses and reduce waiting time.

Use the kiosks anywhere

Set up the Echo self-service health kiosks anywhere there is an internet connection – take the kiosks to the patients even. In the same way that vaccinations can be done in bulk with an appointment driven programme, basic health data acquisition can be done with minimal supervision and where the data is automatically imported into the patients’ records.

An easy win

Save time with Echo self-service medical kiosks – ramp up the throughput of patients in front of doctors without sacrificing the doctor / patient time or quality of the meeting. Also, allowing specialists to review a patient remotely with their data in front of them.