Dalata Hotels Decision to Choose K4B

A big decision; It had to be right

31 August 2023

By Nick Lidington

It's a big decision to fully embrace your complete hotel chain with auto check-in / out kiosks and software. Whilst a game changer in service for customers it is a serious technology and financial decision. It had better be right!

We developed the Figur free-standing kiosk some years ago and it has been deployed in many hotels but the Dalata installations have taken the number to new heights. We have deployed 60+ check-in kiosks to all hotels in the Dalata chain.

Many chains have hotels with different infrastructure that means the software and kiosks have to be flexible to be able manage the different hotel infrastructures without needing to re-design the kiosk each time. The hotel Figur does this well.  Catering for different chip and pin units along with different RFID card encoders, all in the same production runs.

The Figur kiosks also reflect the particular hotel branding colour with the programmable colour edge lighting.  Working with P3 software for PMS the Figur performs perfectly for Dalata Hotels.

The total of the 70+ customised kiosks were built and deployed over 9 months at Dalata’s schedule in Ireland and the UK.

K4B’s ability to produce the customised kiosk design with systems to fit Dalata requirements in the time required and with the style and quality they were looking for were the key elements of their decision to award  K4B the contract.

Whatever size hotel group you are, count on K4B to deliver the right kiosk and systems customised for your auto check-in solution – UK or across Europe.

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