Self-Service Healthcare Solutions

Our bread and butter

26 May 2022

By K4B

Thanks for your interest in our emailer about self-service healthcare solutions. It's a hot topic – please read for more about the subject.

We are experts in creating touchscreen solutions, it's our bread and butter.

The Echo range are self-service medical kiosks which is our most recent solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly within GP Practices, offering significant time saving for GPs, nurses and admin staff. Valuable time free'ed up to focus on patients and their issues.

The Echo medical kiosk range is self-service in nature, and shows the patient how to take their blood pressure and weight without supervision. The kiosk then feeds the patient's results into your clinical system thereby updating the patient's EMR automatically. A huge time saver as well as having up-to-date data on patients.

Here are the key benefits of the Echo medical kiosk:

  • No need for GP or nurse supervision
  • Easy and simple for patients to measure themselves
  • Quickly & accurately record patient blood pressure, weight and height (coming soon)
  • Auto update of patient's EMR
  • GP / nurse immediate notification of non-normal results.
  • Whilst patient using kiosk  Friends & Family Test feedback can be requested
  • practice & patient specific information can be communicated on kiosk
  • Seamless integration into all clinical systems
  • A normal practice Check-in feature is also part of this package
  • Echo medical kiosks are great for collecting QOF points