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When The Zleep Hotel chain approached us with the challenge of automating their check-in process, we knew we had to create something special. The result? The Pulse Zleep, a small, versatile, and contemporary device that perfectly aligns with their requirements.

Key Objectives

A clear objective - a tailor-made solution that's unique to Zleep Hotels. Every detail was considered to ensure it met their specifications and beyond.

Improve the check-in process with an interactive and aesthetically correct design -a versatile system that is capable of handling check-in and check-out operations seamlessly - integrate essential peripherals, including a card-encoding device, passport scanner and POS system.

All these enclosed in non contemporary enclosure.


Pulse Solution

A countertop touchscreen kiosk that challenges the stereotypes oh kiosks design, custom made for Zleep Hotels.

Key Features

The Pulse Zleep boasts a 17.3″ portrait screen, but it's more than just a screen. It's equipped with an encoding device that does more than check-ins and check-outs; it's the heart of the POS system, ensuring a seamless experience for guests. On top of these there is an i7 intel computing power into it. Powerful and compact. Like in all our kiosks Interactive lighting is not missing here; in a form of a light bleed through the shark side air vents. Cool right?


This specific model can be found at Zleep's Copenhagen Arena Hotel. It fits the space in an aesthetic manner while its ergonomy boasts confidence in using it for check-in and out operations. It is looking good also.


The Pulse Zleep is more than a device; it's an innovation that streamlines the check-in process, offering guests a modern and efficient experience. It's a testament to how technology and design can come together to enhance an essential aspect of the hospitality industry.

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