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Zleep Hotel request was to provide them with a tall floor standing self check in system form their main hotels range. The answer to this is our core range Figur but customised to fit Zleep needs and match requirements as well as interior spaces.

Key Objectives

A customised solution that's unique to Zleep Hotels. A Figur Core model customised as self check in station that will, improve the check-in process and is capable of handling check-in and check-out operations seamlessly - integrate essential peripherals, including a card-encoding device, passport scanner and POS system. All these enclosed in a Figur kiosk.


Figur Solution

The Figur – Zleep Edition is the embodiment of custom made perfection, designed and developed to align with the exact specifications of Zleep Hotels. Built upon the foundation of the core Figur model, this edition showcases a harmonious blend of form and functionality that caters to Zleep's unique hospitality needs.

Key Features

The Figur Zleep fascilliates a 21.5 Wide Portrait screen that can present and interact with ease. Computing power is an intel i7 ensuring a flawless, reliable and svelte operation. Interactive lighting here as well with the know Figur Curved lighting for interactive gestures.


This specific model can be found at Zleep's Hotels in all around Denmark. A dark grey minimalistic approach of our core Figur model that matches Zleep's unique requirements.


The Figur – Zleep Edition isn't just a kiosk; it's a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with Zleep Hotels' vision. It's an example of how technology and design can come together to create a customized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Figur – Zleep Edition: Where innovation and aesthetics meet Zleep Hotels' exacting standards.

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