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A custom made system for RIW ticketing & visitor management

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After our successful collaboration with RIW technology offering a customised version of our Eidos kiosks, we conclude in developing their unique tailor made solution - we called the Merak.

Key Objectives

Following the same operational principle like the Eidos-Ticketing, Merak has to offer the same in a more compact , user friendly , modern and efficient package.


Merak Solution

Creating a visually appealing solution that would compete its predecessor was a real task. And tasks are to be made.

Key Features

The Merak RIW facilitates a 21.5 Wide Lanscape screen that can present and interact with ease. Equipped with a barcode scanner and printer, the Merak-Ticketing empowers RIW Technology in their visitor management endeavors.


The Merak-Ticketing embarks our collaboration with RIW Technology, showcasing how technology and design can come together to meet unique business needs.

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