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Our iconic Eidos kiosk for RIW ticketing & visitor management

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In our commitment to delivering tailored solutions, we were thrilled to collaborate with RIW Technology to create the Eidos-Ticketing. This innovative kiosk seamlessly blends form and function, catering to the specific requirements of RIW Technology - A Tailored Solution for RIW Technology's unique needs.

Key Objectives

RIW Technology's quest for an elevated ticketing experience prompted us to redesign the Eidos-Ticketing. The result is a kiosk that not only meets their ticketing needs but also aligns with their commitment to style and efficiency.


Eidos Solution

While adapting to the demands of ticketing, we ensured that the Eidos-Ticketing retained the elegance and aesthetics that define the original Eidos design. It showcases a larger screen with careful attention to proportions, creating a visually appealing yet highly functional solution

Key Features

The Eidos RIW fascilliates a 21.5 Wide Lanscape screen that can present and interact with ease. Equipped with features like a barcode scanner, adjustable webcam, ticket printer and full audio capabilities, the Eidos-Ticketing empowers RIW Technology in their visitor management endeavors. The optional “base-booster" accessory adds further flexibility to their operations while expands the height of the device whether is required.


The Eidos-Ticketing serves as a symbol of our collaboration with RIW Technology, showcasing how technology and design can come together to meet unique business needs. It stands as a testament to our commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

The Eidos-Ticketing: A tailored solution that combines form and function to upgrade ticketing for RIW Technology, reflecting our dedication to innovation and excellence.

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