Eidos - The NHS Check-in Queue Busting Kiosk

A kiosk for demanding applications

31 August 2023

By Nick Lidington

The demand on the NHS is immense and even more so for  blood testing and MRI scanning etc. self service check-in for screening services is the only way of providing a high level service for the number of patients wanting it. 

You know that if the kiosk check-in is not running there is chaos. The self service kiosks have to be fundamentally reliable and capable of the load. 

Its why most NHS hospitals are using the Eidos kiosk as they know they can rely on the Eidos and the attentive K4B customer service to ensure the self service is running 24/7.

The Eidos kiosk was designed with DDA in mind to ensure full accessibility for all and with durability and resilience in use over many years. In essence The Eidos is the NHS check-in kiosk.