The 'everyman' kiosk range

31 August 2023

By Nick Lidington

Your need for self service kiosks and terminals is growing as people demand quicker customer service and no queueing. But, you want less dependance on  staff to serve and / or no expansion of staff to achieve the improvement. Self service now comes in all shapes and sizes and needs kiosk hardware to assist. Modus kiosks fit the requirement.

Modus is the Everyman range of kiosks where availability and price point are key items in the decision to buy off the shelf kiosks.  The range  comprises two freestanding versions - Merak, a wall mounted version - Nivo, and lastly a countertop type - Lupo. They all feature a portrait screen and all can be sited in close groups as necessary.  

This  format range can be found in far eastern kiosks and the more well know wallaby range. But all of them have to be imported to the UK and Europe. This makes them expensive now and awkward to provision. In contrast, every kiosk in the  Modus range is built entirely in the UK and shares the same high quality build process as our hand built custom kiosks. The styling has also been taken to new heights compared with the imported ranges.

What's not to like about more stylish versions of kiosks you may already know, but built in the UK and at a more competitive price?


Leave the far east shipping / import costs behind and buy the affordable UK built Modus range. Contact us to find out more about the Modus range pricing.