Hotel Self-Service Check-in

A must have or a hotelier's nightmare?

29 October 2023

By K4B

We can see that self-check-in/out is rapidly becoming a must-have in the hotel industry. While it undoubtedly offers benefits such as faster check-in, eliminating queues, streamlining payment and room access, you might have reservations about certain aspects of its implementation. Done effectively, it will reduce the need for as many staff members to process check-in /out etc. However, initial setup, capital expenditure and culture are required to achieve this statement limiting your enthusiasm for the change. Fortunately, most of these concerns have largely been minimised with improved software solutions and integrated kiosk technology.

What is your situation right now?

Almost all the hotel bookings you receive are carried out online, via mobile phone apps or other online channels as your customers see this as the most convenient way to book. Equally, checking in and out of hotels is an extension of this process but on a touchscreen kiosk within the hotel. We observe that the traditional receptionist, responsible for all aspects of checking in/out, payment, and room key programming, is being gradually replaced by a smaller number of hotel concierges. Concierges, as you know, warmly welcome your customers to the hotel and are available to assist with many things -an auto check-in process is one of them. We believe that this side-by-side assistance creates a more inviting environment for customers, with no queues, a process they are already familiar with, and a friendly face representing the hotel. If you could easily achieve this level of customer service within your hotel, it would be a great differentiator.

More technology…

I see your points; technology must be sound and meet customer expectations. It should indeed be self-explanatory, especially given the younger customers’ familiarity with mobile phone technology and online processes. Reliability and simplicity of the process are essential for the success of a self-check-in installation, and it should be well-received by both customers and concierge staff. If you could achieve the above, what would prevent you from implementing a system that offers a queue-free, straight-to-the-room service to your customers? If you choose to implement auto check-in technology, it must seamlessly integrate with your hotel’s systems and payment processing. It will largely depend on the PMS provider and their self-check-in offering.

Modern Travellers

Modern travellers today… Our research indicates that 80% of travellers prefer self-check-in options over waiting in queues to interact with a reception clerk. Is that your experience with your customers? In today’s fast-paced world, guests expect a seamless and convenient experience, and our modern self-check-in technology exceeds those expectations.


As a senior executive in the hotel industry, you will be considering differentiation — what sets your hotel apart from others? Designing a self-check-in solution such that your guests prefer the streamlined approach to your hotels will be a great differentiator – so our current customers say. And there’s more… By also integrating hotel offers and information about local facilities into your self-check-in kiosks, the ease of staying at your hotels and the overall value added for your guests will be compelling.

Important Benefits to Consider

Increased operational efficiency: No guest queues, less staff required, staff more in welcoming and helping mode with guests.

Improved guest satisfaction: Guests experience seamless and personalised service – the ultimate loyalty generator.

Competitive differentiation: Attracting and retaining tech-savvy travellers who value efficiency, convenience, and a great service.


Over the past six years, we have been at the forefront of creating and implementing hotel check-in systems, including customised projects tailored to specific hotel groups. Through these experiences, we’ve gained valuable insights into how hotels are adapting to the changes required by self-check-in technology.
What we have learned is that it’s crucial for the hotel culture to fully embrace this new technology. Staff should see this as the standard and actively assist customers in adopting and using it seamlessly.
At K4B, we bring substantial experience in selecting the right technology solutions and facilitating a smooth transition. It’s clear that self-check-in technology is a well-established route.