Elo I series vs K4B Wall series touchscreen PCs

Not just about the specs

25 September 2023

By Nick Lidington

The wall mounted touchscreen PC (and Android) is the workhorse of many places that need customer interaction – check-in, surveys, complex room booking.  The choice of screen size has been limited up to now. The largest commonly available size has been 21.5". In addition, the prices have now risen and availability has dropped.

At K4B we have been busy in creating a wall mounting range of kiosks that goes from 17.3" to 27" with integrated PC (or android) built in the UK (available) and at prices that do not scream huge imported shipping costs.

The available wall mounted touchscreen PCs have been plain and boring – black plastic more akin to supermarket checkout screens.  At K4B we have put styling into our WALL series and they look just as good in a new office environmment as they do in any other work horse environment.

Now, what about the specs?  We have looked at what most people ask for, and, to be able to provide availability, and to offer sensible pricing we have limited the specification scope to the popular specs.

The Wall series has either a Celeron J1900 or i3 CPU. All have 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. Unless of course you want Android. In this case the RK3399 board is the one we use. The Wall series has an integrated power supply (no more flying leads with a brick in the middle).

The enclosure is made entirely of aluminium, powder coated in gloss white to the front and textured dark grey to the rear. Durable and good looking.

Why spec or buy boring and pricey when you can have the WALL?

For the popular size  21.5" screen version (WALL21) with the J1900 CPU, the price starts at £1,299 excl shipping and VAT for 1 off. The 17.3" is slightly lower and the 23.8" is slightly higher.

To discuss volume discounts and pricing on other variants please contact us.At K4B, we bring substantial experience in selecting the right technology solutions and facilitating a smooth transition. It’s clear that self-check-in technology is a well-established route.