Information and survey software

We deliver information and survey software for publicly available kiosks and have done for many years.¬† It features our flexible “information-Point" multilingual software. Working with our clients to design and deliver the information and branding content they need on one of our big style kiosks.
“InformationPoint", designed by K4B, ensures a flexible approach to offering interactive information on kiosks.

Being browser-based Information-Point can be set up or updated at will and from anywhere. All file types and URLs can be used in the information provision. Branding, logos and colour schemes are easily added to ensure that Information-Point looks like your own creation – without complexity.

Add one of our kiosks Рlarge wall tablet to free-standing large screen to create a compelling visitor information kioskfrom K4B.

Many options are available including impressive sound for a more audiovisual information kiosk.

Announce24 software offers a number of kiosk software solutions in addition to “InformationPoint“, all of which work with each other seamlessly:

  • Surveypoint for customer feedback.
  • Virtual Reception for guest or visitor arrivals, employee access and “on-premises access information"

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