Virtual reception

There is nothing less inviting when you enter a premises that has no instructions on what to do to acknowledge your arrival. Like with most things in life, it’s all about first impressions. You want to make every visitor feel special and wanted which in turn should lead to a great business relationship.

At K4B we have created a revolutionary virtual receptionist that embraces technology to welcome, register and process visitors entering your business premises. We have designed the software to work with a number of our kiosks so that we suit many business environments.

Virtual reception can manage multiple visitors at once, big or small organisations, some with multiple entrances that may require more than one kiosk. Businesses that require that a health and safety form is read and signed. A photo may be required, a printed lanyard all of which is catered within the fantastic Virtual Reception offering.

Multiple businesses in one building can be handled by one Virtual Reception kiosk. Each business has its own VR domain running as above. The businesses in the building are shown on the VR kiosk screen. The visitor chooses which company they are visiting and the kiosk then asks for the QR code to be scanned.

How it works:

• Prior to arrival the host will enter an appointment into our simple to use CMS. Here you will also add details of the visitor, email and mobile/cell number as well as an expected time of arrival.

• The visitor will receive a confirmatory email and SMS with a unique QR code.

• When the visitor arrives they will see their name and welcoming them to the premises. The visitor’s name only appears on the kiosk an hour before and an hour after the expected arrival time.

• They are prompted to scan the QR code on the kiosk, this then informs the host by SMS and email that their visitor has arrived on the premises. The host takes it from there…

We also have the ability to assist visitors that arrive unannounced without a QR code or SMS. Using the kiosk the visitor types in their mobile/cell number and the system automatically creates a call to the business which, in turn, calls the number entered into the kiosk. It’s seamless and quick.

In case of an emergency, Virtual Reception generates a list of the visitors currently on-site to ensure no one is missing. The same can be generated for employees not only visitors. This can be interrogated by any mobile phone external to the building.

So what do you need to run VR?   –  Just an internet connection, it’s that easy.

We would be delighted to speak in person about a Virtual Reception solution for you. Please call us or fill out the form and we’ll call you back.