Use of touchscreen kiosks in the leisure business

Many leisure clubs use membership cards of one sort or another for members to present to gain access to the club.

Self-service touchscreen kiosks can save time and money for leisure businesses, while improving customer experience.

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We know that many members forget or lose their cards and, as a result, have to join the payment or new-member queue to gain access to the club. By using a touchscreen kiosk with a card dispenser, clubs can deploy a system where members arriving with no card can present to a kiosk and be asked for some kind of identity (membership no., name and DOB, postcode, password etc.) and retrieve their membership details (if they exist) and have the kiosk issue a temporary access card.

Additionally, the same process can be done for taking payment for, say, a guest with no membership but for a one night pass. In this case the kiosk will have a chip and pin PED as well as a card dispenser.

The same kiosk could also be used to pre-order drinks for an intermission drink – without having to queue etc at the bar. You would require membership no., drinks menu on-screen, chip and pin payment and receipt printer to show barman payment and correct person receiving drinks.

Touchscreen kiosks for gyms

Typically, gyms can make very good use of touchscreen kiosks. Simply allowing the right person into the gym at all hours that it is open by using RFID encoded cards or barcoded cards is the most obvious use.

Gyms are open very early and late in the day and a receptionist is not required for this simple task. Using touchscreen kiosks instead of just a door entry RFID pad brings many benefits both ways. With a touchscreen kiosk there is a two way communication that does not happen with a door entry pad. This can be used to welcome the gym visitor (personally) and remind them of where they got to in their gym routines last time.

The screen can communicate any new opening hours or changes in facilities or new deals in membership. The kiosk can remind the gym goer when the subscription is due to be renewed (a particular problem to gyms where initial enthusiasm gives way non-renewal of membership). The kiosk can also take payment for the subscription using Chip and pin. It can also issue a new entry card (barcoded or RFID) in response to payment. The kiosk can also be used for information providing for the gym goer – maybe events coming up, use of a particular piece of equipment, reminder of warm up / cool down routines or competitions between gym goers and the situation so far.

When not actually being used by a gym goer the kiosk can then display gym advertising or “did you know” facts about well being and gym activity or nutrition and well being. There are so many “engaging” ways that kiosks can be used in gyms to enhance the gym-goer’s experience of the gym and reinforcement of why they are going to the gym and what they should be getting out of the experience.

A touchscreen kiosk is just so much more than a door entry device for gyms – it is an “engage with your customer” tool all the while the customer is in the gym.

Touchscreen Kiosks for leisure

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Our fully integrated touchscreen kiosks can speed up check-in and simplify ticketing and customer service, so your guests can spend less time queuing and more time dining, sightseeing or relaxing. Only K4B can provide the whole package, so whether you need five or five hundred kiosks, you’re in the right place.

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Customer Feedback

I am delighted with the design and implementation of the kiosks that K4B has designed for us. The look and feel of the kiosks really fit our hotel chain. The professional approach adopted by K4B when working with Zleep Hotels has enabled us to roll out the kiosks to our complete hotel chain easily. Customers love using them. Thank you.

Mohammed Majed – Zleep Hotels

What do we mean by integration and why is it important?

Every K4B kiosk comes as a complete package, ready to be deployed on day one. We are the only touchscreen kiosk manufacturer that designs and builds the kiosk, its computer systems and also its software. Then we integrate with your brand and your environments. This means that your investment pays for itself sooner and you can rely on support from only K4B instead of multiple suppliers.

Every K4B touchscreen kiosk integrates these four things…


We design and build the most stylish touchscreen kiosks available in the European market. Every kiosk is painstakingly tested for durability and usability – K4B kiosks are designed to last.


We custom-build computers for each line of kiosks, including only the components necessary for each particular deployment. This means you only pay for what you need. Learn more about our systems.


K4B kiosks come with class-leading Announce24 software, created by K4B specifically for touchscreen kiosks. It’s highly configurable and intuitive to use, so you’ll be operational on day one.


No two customers are the same. We go the extra mile to make your kiosks work hard for you. Choose any colour, add your branding, and configure peripherals and functionality to suit your needs.