Visitor management

More and more companies and institutions are doing away with having receptionists and people who are receiving visitors onto the premises.

Visitor management can be streamlined with the effective deployment of touchscreen kiosks.

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However, there is still the need to “receive” visitors and now a growing need to manage / record / control people within a building or premises. This might mean welcoming an expected visitor right through to allowing the right expected people at the right time to enter a building but not otherwise. There is also a growing need to “know who is on the premises” at any one time or to be able to look into history to see who was there at a given time and date.

Visitor management is now a job better done with technology than it is with human beings.

Visitor management in the form of expected visitor welcoming technology works by the receiving institution or company having a touchscreen kiosk in the reception area and software that allows the company to enter the visitor’s name and company and their date and time of arrival. The touchscreen kiosk then displays the welcome to that person one hour before the agreed arrival time and stays there until one hour past the expected stay time of that visitor. When the visitor arrives they click on the telephone button on the touchscreen to say to the receiving person that they have arrived.

Visitor management in the form of allowing known people on a database to enter a premises or not is another use of touchscreen kiosk technology with access control. In this scenario only people on the database will be allowed into the building and at the appropriate times only. These systems often produce badge labels for the visitor to visibly wear. This situation then requires no receptionist to log people in and is fully automated based on a database of people allowed to enter a building on a defined date and time basis. This kind of system will keep data on who was in the building at any one time and record the detail.

A third area of visitor management is that of controlled access to a site where certain personnel are allowed access and maybe at only certain time periods. Also, logging into a database of who was on a site when and for how long is also a requirement of some organisations. The touchscreen kiosk with RFID readers, barcode scanners and fingerprint recognisers is the realistic way of performing these decisions and then door control accordingly and being able to log all traffic and “identities” of personnel on site.

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From visitor management to retail and ticketing, adding touchscreen kiosks to your workforce can introduce significant efficiencies that will please both your customers and your accountant. K4B kiosks also integrate with your systems and your brand, so whether you need five or five hundred kiosks, you’re in the right place.

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Customer Feedback

Just a quick note to thank K4B for understanding our custom design requirements, manufacturing to the exact specifications and delivering the finished product on time. Well done.

Peter Rose – CEO, Baggage Solutions Ltd

What do we mean by integration and why is it important?

Every K4B kiosk comes as a complete package, ready to be deployed on day one. We are the only touchscreen kiosk manufacturer that designs and builds the kiosk, its computer systems and also its software. Then we integrate with your brand and your environments. This means that your investment pays for itself sooner and you can rely on support from only K4B instead of multiple suppliers.

Every K4B touchscreen kiosk integrates these four things…


We design and build the most stylish touchscreen kiosks available in the European market. Every kiosk is painstakingly tested for durability and usability – K4B kiosks are designed to last.


We custom-build computers for each line of kiosks, including only the components necessary for each particular deployment. This means you only pay for what you need. Learn more about our systems.


K4B kiosks come with class-leading Announce24 software, created by K4B specifically for touchscreen kiosks. It’s highly configurable and intuitive to use, so you’ll be operational on day one.


No two customers are the same. We go the extra mile to make your kiosks work hard for you. Choose any colour, add your branding, and configure peripherals and functionality to suit your needs.