Eidos – our classically good looking DDA kiosk, the choice of the NHS, works for everyone.

The Eidos-Medical combines the kiosk with the TM-2657P blood pressure monitor and the Seca 704R weighscales to form a convenient Self-service method for patients to take their own blood pressure, pulse, weight and BMI details. The scales and BP monitor are designed to be operated by the patient-user and are connected to the kiosk. The kiosk will be running the “Engage-touch” software which instructs the user how to use the equipment. It also adds the measured statistics to the patient’s records directly. The Eidos-medical removes the need for the Doctor / Consultant to be present when taking the measurements and allows them to be viewed remotely by the consultant / doctor.

The Eidos-Medical wraps everything up in one convenient kit for easy self-service of recording of patients’ vital measurements.

Click here to see our partner’s (Engagehealth.uk) information on the software that the Eidos-Medical uses.

  • Can be used by all patients including wheelchair users on a self-service basis
  • Waiting room TM-2657P blood pressure monitor
  • Seca704R weighscales
  • Both connected to the kiosk
  • Eidos Kiosk runs “engage-touch” software
  • Remote assessment of patients vital measurements
  • Auto updating of patients’ records with self taken measurements

Eidos Medical Specification

  • 21.5″ HD screen (1920 x 1080)
  • Kiosk – all persons adult and wheelchair user compliant
  • A&D TM-2657P waiting room self service blood pressure monitor
  • Seca 704R weighscales and power adaptor
  • Medical equipment connected to the kiosk via RS232 serial cables and dual serial to USB convertor
  • “Engage-touch” software package



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