“Figur” for Zleep hotel chain

Customised Excellence for Zleep Hotels

The Figur – Zleep Edition is the embodiment of tailor-made perfection, meticulously crafted to align with the exact specifications of Zleep Hotels. Built upon the foundation of the standard Figur model, this edition showcases a harmonious blend of form and functionality that caters to Zleep's unique needs.

Innovation Meets Aesthetics:

At its core, the Figur – Zleep Edition remains true to the pioneering spirit of the Figur model. It was the Figur that first introduced the concept of widescreen in portrait mode to accommodate a soft keyboard, ensuring a sleek and uncluttered design. Today, this screen style is not just well-accepted; it's hailed for its striking and contemporary appeal.

Tailored Excellence for Zleep:

This special edition stands as a testament to Zleep Hotels' commitment to excellence. By selecting the Figur – Zleep Edition, they've chosen a kiosk that doesn't just meet their specifications but also embodies their dedication to innovation and aesthetics.


The Figur – Zleep Edition isn't just a kiosk; it's a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with Zleep Hotels' vision. It's an example of how technology and design can come together to create a customized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Figur – Zleep Edition: Where innovation and aesthetics meet Zleep Hotels' exacting standards.

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