Figur Zleep

The Figur – Zleep Edition – has been tailor-made according to the Zleep Hotels specifications, taking as a base, the standard Figur.

The Figur pioneered the use of widescreen in portrait mode to accommodate a soft keyboard (we did not want an old-style keyboard spoiling the great lines of the Figur). It is now a well-accepted and good-looking screen style.

For further specifications, please have a look below.

  • Desktop or wall-mounted full featured kiosk
  • 17.3” HD 1080p multitouch screen
  • Several versions – simple wall mount kiosk or….
  • Integrated barcode scanner, printer, payment PED, and RFID card reader
  • Stylish side and edge LED lighting
  • Webcam and sound options
  • Dimensions:
  • 17.3″ HD portrait screen (1920 x 1080)
  • Mini-ION-Celeron computer (4GB RAM)
    • i3 and i5 versions available (see technology section)
  • 2.4/5.8GHz Wifi
  • Audio (option)
  • 58mm receipt printer (option)
  • 2D barcode scanner (option)
  • Chip & Pin Ped (option)
  • RFID encoder / reader (option)
  • 110-240VAC operation

Most commonly used add-ons can be incorporated into the Pulse kiosk. The add-ons are incorporated into the lower “pod”still maintaining the futuristic look of the kiosk whilst integrating the desired add-ons.The top panel of the pod is hinged to be able reveal the printer and change the printer roll.

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