The Panther was originally designed for a well known retail chain to fit in with their black livery and stylish view of life. It is a fully featured kiosk with barcode scanner, 80mm printer, chip and pin PED and webcam integrated into the very compact and curvy shape.

Designed to be wall mounting, fit in with its surroundings  and be available for customers to find stock, check various sizes, redeem gift cards and make payment for purchases and arrange delivery for required products seen in the shop but needing to be delivered to the customer’s home. the Panther is glass fronted with 19″ landscape screen and receipt printer mounted below the curved metal front.

  • The design had to reflect the NEXT company style
  • glass fronted with barcode scanner
  • chip and pin payment PED integrated
  • receipt printer on under slope of kiosk
  • integrated webcam behind front glass
  • 17″ landscape display
  • 21.5″ landscape display
  • integrated Mini-ITX computer
  • 80mm receipt printer
  • chip and pin PED
  • 2D barcode scanner
  • 2Mp integrated webcam
  • Glass front demountable for service
  • computer on removable subframe
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