Nixi 17.3

The Nixi 17.3 is still one of the smallest wall footprint kiosks available. The brand new NIXI now has a 17.3″ high definition (1929 x 1080) landscape widescreen that is user tiltable making viewable by anyone – tall or short, standing or sitting.  The very compact but stylish design has been updated to create an industrial tablet equivalent. The Nixi 17.3 has a number of computer options to suit the application including an Android computer.  A smaller 15.6″ screen version is also available – again a high definition screen
Some peripherals are available for the Nixi but primarily it is intended as a small footprint check-in or information finding kiosk.

Compared with a standard “flat to the wall” TV style touchscreen the NIXI with its style of mounting occupies the smallest amount of wall space to deploy it.  Additionally with its widely tilting screen (user tiltable) when mounted at the right height produces a proper DDA,  wheel chair /  very tall person friendly kiosk in a way that a standard TV style touchscreen just cannot.

  • 17.3 inch multitouch screen
  • Extremely small wall footprint
  • Optional integrated 2D barcode scanner
  • Payment PED option with wider screen assembly
  • 17.3″ or 15.6″ landscape screen (1920 x 1080 resolution)
  • PCAP multitouch touchscreen
  • Mini-ITX, Pico-ITX computers (Celeron, i3, i5 CPU choice), or ANDROID computer
  • 2.4/5.8GHz 300mbs wifi
  • 1 x LAN wired connection
  • Tilting adjustable display
  • Hidden wiring option
  • 2 x external USB sockets on underside of computer box

The Nixi can be ordered with an integrated 2D barcode scanner.  Chip and pin PEDS can be added as a side pod for the standard display or integrated into the display metalwork where a wider screen metalwork is acceptable.  A receipt printer pod is also available for wall mounting directly under the Nixi

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