The Space-Saving Wall Mount Kiosk Solution

Nivo, is the wall-mounted member of the Modus family. Similar to the Lupo but mounts on the wall instead of a countertop. It’s the epitome of space-saving elegance while retaining its visually appealing design. Nivo seamlessly integrates into walls, offering a versatile and stylish self-service touchscreen kiosk solution, readily available off the shelf.

Key Features:

Maximum Space Efficiency: Nivo provides a remarkable space-saving solution without sacrificing the Modus family attractive appearance.
Choice of Screen Sizes: Available in 21.5" or 17.3" portrait HD screens, Nivo maintains a small wall footprint, fitting perfectly in small spaces. It can also be arranged side by side to accommodate higher footfall areas.
Integrated Accessories: Nivo features a standard 80mm thermal printer and a mobile phone-friendly QR code scanner (both if required). Both accessories were seamlessly designed into the kiosk’s form, ensuring a sleek and cohesive look. For additional accessories like chip & pin and RFID key encoders, consider the accessory bar, and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Versatility Across Applications:

Nivo adapts effortlessly to a multitude of applications, ensuring that it’s up to the task no matter your needs. It harmoniously complements the countertop and freestanding versions of the Modus family, offering a comprehensive self-service solution.

For compact countertop or freestanding options, explore our Lupo and Merak models. They are designed to fit seamlessly into any space, maintaining functionality without compromise.

Discover the power of space-saving elegance and versatility with the Modus – Nivo.

Explore the Modus family today.


The Modus range, of which the Nivo is part, is designed to be affordable and available for any application needing self service.

The Nivo  is excellent value for a quality, locally built wall mounted kiosk.



Screen H W D Footprint (floor)
21.5 P 911 320 295 180*585
21.5 L 826 523 245 180*585
17 P 872 297 283 180*585
17 L 813 423 240 180*585
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