Figur – the kiosk with the super-slim curves… Designed to have a continuously curving front for the ultimate in looks combined with technology.

Over the years we have crammed so much technology into versions of the Figur, by customer request, without moving away from the shape and continuous curve design – they all love the basic design concept.

  • 21.5″ HD display 1920 x 1080
  • Highly configurable, including LED edge lighting
  • Multi touch touchscreen
  • Card reader, chip & pin, barcode reader and printer add-ons
  • Stereo audio for great sound
  • Any colour combination

The specifications are the same as the Figur standard height and Figur tall kiosks. The difference is in the slimmer, thinner reworked visual design.

All the options available for the Figur kiosk are available for the Line. we anticipate the Linea will be  used for the upto-the-minute self service applications so passport scanners, barcode scanners and RFID encoders can be easily included into the front panel of the Linea

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