Inca wall

The Inca fulfills the request of many calls we receive for a sexy, small footprint wall-mounted kiosk that can also house a printer. Based on the very popular Panther shape, the Inca is visually stunning.
The Inca can also be a funky, free-standing kiosk by adding the custom-made stand. Take your choice the – wall-mounted or the free-standing Inca both equally cool!

  • wall mounted
  • 21.5″ landscape screen
  • smooth curved kiosk outline design
  • label / barcode printer integrated
  • barcode scanner option
  • 21.5″ landscape screen
  • PCAP multitouch touchscreen
  • Mini-ION- PULSAR pico computer (celeron CPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2.4/5.8GHz Wifi)
  • Brother visitor label printer
  • Dimensions: 650mm tall, 360mm wide, 270mm deep
  • freestanding pedestal for non wall mount situations


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