Where Curves Meet Cutting-Edge Technology

Meet Figur, the kiosk that combines the elegance of continuously curving design with cutting-edge technology. Over the years, Figur has evolved to incorporate a wealth of technological advancements, all while retaining its signature curved-front concept, beloved by all who encounter it.

Key Features:

  • Graceful Curves, Three Heights: Figur now offers three height options, all embodying the same graceful curves that define its aesthetic appeal.
  • Widescreen Portrait Mode: Figur pioneered the use of widescreen in portrait mode, creating a sleek and modern design that eliminates the need for old-style keyboards, preserving its clean lines. All Figur variants feature the 21.5” HD screen
  • Versatile Applications: Figur has found favour in various industries, from football club shops and ticketing to hotels for check-in kiosks, airport handling, gym and leisure clubs, and even casinos.
  • Customisable Technology: Figur seamlessly accommodates additional technology, including chip & pin payment PEDs, RFID reader/encoders, receipt printers, and barcode scanners—all at the same time, if needed.
  • Dynamic Edge Lighting: Figur’s edge lighting is fully customisable, offering RGB control of mixed colours. The lighting can be programmed by the customer or computer-controlled for specific messaging to customers. It’s a powerful tool for attracting and guiding kiosk users.
  • Reliable Performance: Figur is powered by one of our ION3 range of computers, purposefully designed and crafted by K4B for our stylish kiosks. Expect consistent and reliable performance.
  • Robust Connectivity: Connectivity options include 2.4/5.8GHz WiFi with MIMO antennas for reliable Wifi connection, LAN, and an optional 4G router with WAN backup software for a dependable connection almost anywhere.

Unique and Customisable:

Every Figur kiosk is a unique creation, reflecting the individual needs and preferences of our valued customers. However, they all share the original concept of a continuously curved front and captivating edge lighting.

Figur: Where aesthetics meet technology, and customisation knows no bounds. Experience the allure of curves and innovation with Figur today.

  • Small footprint means that it’s great for areas where space is a premium
  • Customisable LED edge lighting can echo your brand
  • Large area to integrate your peripherals
  • Great looking from any angle
  • Ergonomic screen position makes it easier to interact with

Figur Specification

Figur has a simple and elegant form with large brandable areas. There are many options available to customise your Figur including: Adding your logo, custom colour combinations, full graphic wraps or LED edge lighting.

Standard specification

  • 21.5” HD  display (Portrait)
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Multi-touch touchscreen
  • Available in three height variations
  • Card reader, chip & pin, barcode reader and printer add-ons
  • Contrasting white and anthracite grey colour scheme
  • Front door key access to a printer (if fitted)
  • RGB LED edge lighting (controllable)
  • K4B ION3 industrial computer (cel, i3, i5 CPUs)



Figur Options

Like our other kiosks, Figur was designed for a wide range of additional peripherals to suit various applications. Customers can select the option required knowing that the electronics and aesthetics are largely already catered for. Figur is designed with retail application in mind with options including chip & pin, receipt printer and bar code scanner for stock checking.

  • Integrated audio + speakers
  • 8GB RAM
  • Minimum 128GB SSD to as large as you like!
  • Internal receipt printer
  • Chip + Pin payment unit
  • card issuer / encoder / validator

  • webcam
  • Large stability plate for where floor fixing not available
  • RFID reader / encoder
  • motion detection
  • Internal barcode scanner
  • Passport scanner
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