Affordable Excellence in Self-Service Kiosks

Eidos-Lite builds on the success of the Eidos kiosk, the preferred NHS check-in kiosk. Eidos-Lite is a simplified take on the beloved Eidos kiosk, focusing on essential functions while maintaining the renowned K4B style and durability. It is designed to offer a simple, no-frills, cost effective kiosk solution without compromising quality. It accomplishes this with ease!

Key Features:

Cost-Effective Excellence: Eidos-Lite provides a reliable 21.5" touchscreen kiosk experience at an affordable price point for any standard self-service kiosk application.

Versatile Compatibility: Choose between Android or Windows 10 operating systems to suit your needs.

Compact and Space-Saving: With its small footprint (545mm wide and 460mm deep), Eidos-Lite fits seamlessly into any environment.

Built to Last: Benefit from the enduring quality of K4B kiosks, ensuring years of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance.

Timeless Design, Modern Touches:

Eidos-Lite inherits the classic design elements of the original Eidos kiosk while incorporating modern updates. We have made the display style slimmer and moving to an edge-to-edge glass style by removing the ambient lighting. The single-piece welded body design makes it lighter, more cost-effective, and faster to produce.
For applications that do not require peripherals to be added to the kiosk, the Eidos-Lite
represents great value. It is a long-lived kiosk based on the Eidos design profile but at an advantageous price compared to the original Eidos.
Eidos-Lite: Where affordability meets style and reliability in the world of self-service kiosks. Upgrade your business today with the best of both worlds.

  • Strong sturdy design
  • 21.5″ 16:9 landscape screen
  • Windows or Android version
  • Celeron or i3 Windows version
  • Standard white (gloss or satin) and anthracite grey colours
  • wheelchair friendly height
  • Wifi standard
  • Vinyl brandable
  • Antimicrobial finish on touchscreen


  • 21.5″ 16:9 screen with multitouch touchscreen
  • Choice of computers:
  • Windows – Celeron or i3 CPU
  • Android
  • 2.4GHz Wifi and LAN connectivity
  • Dimensions: W: 545mm x D: 460 x L: 1166mm
  • 96 to 240VAC operation
  • Windows 10 Enterprise O/S for Windows computers
  • Chip & pin pod. (customer to free issue Chip & Pin unit)
  • RFID encoder / reader pod  (encoder / reader customer choice)
  • barcode / QR code scanner
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
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