Eidos Custom – 3D model viewer

Eidos – medical check-in and public information kiosk, it is a wheelchair friendly, classically good looking free-standing kiosk designed for and extensively used by the NHS.  The Eidos is equally at home in many other applications. For medical or hotel check-in kiosk applications Eidos is a truly stylish and modular kiosk for wide-ranging applications and is fully DDA compliant. The Eidos-lite is the less feature rich and lower-cost version of the Eidos shown here

Screen sizes:
Eidos-NHS comes with a choice of 19” or 21.5” HD widescreen displays. It can be branded to be in line with customer's logo and colour.   The standard version of Eidos is great value for money for its style, build and specification. Multi-touch touchscreen, LED-lit display head, powerful PC, dual-frequency Wifi all as standard!

Eidos features a choice of our own designed and built computers (ION3 range) Memory and CPU combinations to suit all.  Connectivity is by LAN and WiFi as standard or 4G router as an option (including US frequency types).

Eidos is a system kiosk and can be populated with many optional devices. Eidos fully supports:

Chip & pin, RFID reader, Barcode scanner, Printer, proximity detector, stereo amplifier and integrated speakers, microphone, mounted the webcam

See also Our Eidos-Medical for integration of Blood pressure monitor along with weighscales for medical practices to enable patients to measure their own vital ststistics and have them fed directly in to their records

Eidos is being used for many and varied applications by many customers.  Customised versions with more peripheral devices and different printers have been requested by many customers. We are happy to customise the Eidos to suit.

  • Company presentations and Intranet access
  • NHS Patient information points
  • NHS FFT survey kiosks
  • NHS check-in kiosks
  • Customer surveys
  • Council and Family Hub public information kiosks
  • Industrial and process control

Many applications use our wheelchair friendly free standing kiosk with 21.5" landscape screen with our Information-point and Surveypoint browser based software packages to give our customers a great experience when using our kiosks.

Eidos….. designed and built in the UK for style, functionality and value.

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