Your Solution for Medical Check-In and Public Information

Eidos is the epitome of style and function in the world of self-service kiosks. Originally designed for and widely embraced by the NHS, this free-standing kiosk is as classically good-looking as it is versatile. While its home is often in the medical sector, Eidos effortlessly adapts to various applications, making it a top choice for industries far and wide. Plus, it’s fully DDA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all.

Key Features

  • Wheelchair Friendly: Eidos is designed with inclusivity in mind, offering wheelchair-friendly access.
  • Customisable Screens: Choose from 19" or 21.5" HD widescreen displays that can be branded to match your logo and color scheme.
  • Stylish and Modular: Eidos is both stylish and modular, making it an ideal choice for medical or hotel check-in kiosks and a wide range of applications.
  • Feature-Rich: The standard Eidos version offers great value for its style, build quality, and specifications. It includes features like a multi-touch touchscreen, LED-lit display head, a powerful PC, and dual-frequency WiFi as standard.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Eidos offers versatile connectivity options, including LAN, WiFi, and an optional 4G router, catering to various networking needs.
  • Expandable with Optional Devices: Eidos can be equipped with optional devices, including chip & pin, RFID readers, barcode scanners, printers, proximity detectors, stereo amplifiers, integrated speakers, microphones, and mounted webcams.

Wide-Ranging Applications:
Eidos shines in various applications, and we are delighted to customize it to meet specific requirements. Some common uses include:

  • Company presentations and Intranet access
  • NHS Patient information points
  • NHS FFT survey kiosks
  • NHS check-in kiosks
  • Customer surveys
  • Council and Family Hub public information kiosks
  • Industrial and process control

Eidos’s wheelchair-friendly design, combined with its 21.5" landscape screen and our Information-point and Surveypoint browser-based software packages, ensures a seamless and enjoyable user experience across numerous applications.

Eidos—designed and crafted in the UK, seamlessly blending style, functionality, and value. Explore the possibilities with Eidos today.

  • Truly DDA and usable by everyone
  • Large 21.5″ widescreen a great balance between privacy and interaction
  • You can customise with your own branding and colours
  • Easy to add a barcode scanners to streamline check-in

Eidos Specification

  • 19″ or 21.5″ HD screen options (21.5″ 1920 x 1080)
  • child, adult and wheelchair user compliant
  • Multitouch PCAP touchscreen
  • ION3-PULSAR computer as standard (celeron CPU, 4GB SSD) other RAM, CPU and SSD options available.
  • Wifi – 2.4/5.8GHz MIMO
  • steel and aluminium construction
  • white satin powder coat finish with anthracite fine texture
  • barcode scanner, RFID encoder, printer, proximity detector, full audio as optional devices

Eidos Options

Eidos has been designed from the outset to provide many options already designed-in – see below.

Software options”

  • Our Information-point software is a popular option to showcase a menu of information to the users of the kiosk. Typically council public information giving and gathering.
  • Surveypoint is our user survey software – fully programmable from a simple questionnaire to a comprehensive, in-depth survey.  Full auto summarising and reporting package
  • Surveypoint user questionnaire software
  • Information-point – public information provision software
  • IP65 rugged keyboard
  • external webcam (rugged eidos design)
  • High-performance computer
  • Internal receipt printer
  • Chip + Pin payment unit
  • Internal barcode scanner
  • 19 or 21.5-inch screen
  • 3G / 4G router



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