Why Integration is Important

The K4B Difference

Every K4B kiosk comes as a complete package, ready to be deployed on day one. We are the only touchscreen kiosk manufacturer that designs and builds the kiosk, its computer systems and also its software. And then we integrate with your brand and your environments. This means that your investment pays for itself sooner and you can rely on support from only K4B instead of multiple suppliers.

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Every K4B touchscreen kiosk integrates these four things…


We design and build the most stylish touchscreen kiosks available in the European market. Every kiosk is painstakingly tested for durability and usability – K4B kiosks are designed to last.


We custom-build computers for each line of kiosks, including only the components necessary for each particular deployment. This means you only pay for what you need. Learn more about our systems.


K4B kiosks come with class-leading Announce24 software, created by K4B specifically for touchscreen kiosks. It's highly configurable and intuitive to use, so you'll be operational on day one.


No two customers are the same. We go the extra mile to make your kiosks work hard for you. Choose any colour, add your branding, and configure peripherals and functionality to suit your needs.

Touchscreen kiosks for both the public and private sectors

Businesses of all kinds

Touchscreen kiosks can provide huge efficiencies for most businesses. These include queue-busting receptionist services and fingerprint-restricted building access as well as gift-card printing and information provisioning.

Kiosks for business

The leisure industry

Leisure businesses benefit from touchscreen kiosks in many ways such as guest check-in and check-out for hotels, clubs and gyms, as well as gift card purchasing and self-service restaurant reservation handling.

Kiosks for leisure

Healthcare organisations

Healthcare organisations need to check patients in, triage them and provide them with directions. Many CCGs and NHS trusts rely on K4B kiosks because we not only understand their needs, but are able to supply a fully integrated solution.

Kiosks for healthcare