Lupo 17 / 21 countertop kiosk

Portrait or Landscape with QR scanner & rcpt printer

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Lupo 17.3″ or 21.5″ HD touchscreen kiosk for countertop applications with QR code scanner and 80mm thermal printer

The countertop version of the Modus kiosk range is ideal for many general self-service applications where space is limited and where maximum digital impact is required. Available withb Android or windows computing The Lupo fits any self service application. This version has a quality QR code scanner and 80mm thermal receipt printer integrated. Lupo is available in both 21.5″ and 17.3″ HD displays (landscape or portrait) within a small footprint. Generally suited to a portrait style the Lupo ideal for high footfall environments where it is built to last and good value. Fit it and know you have peace of mind with its reliability.  Suitable for check-in, POS, space management, information provision, room booking and many other environments.

The Modus range, of which the Lupo is part, is designed to be affordable and available for any application needing self service.

Two different thermal printer options are available. This kiosk version has the 80mm receipt paper type. Another option is thge 80mm label / ticket printer. Both  neatly integrate into the kiosk stand, offering easy access for paper replenishment.

Generally 1-2 week lead time for delivery


Lupo 17.3″ or 21.5″ portrait or landscape HD touchscreen kiosk plus QR code scanner and thermal receipt printer for countertop applications.


This Lupo  version comes with a QR code scanner fitted under the screen and an 80mm thermal printer fitted into the body of the kiosk under the screen. The kiosk comes ready with either a windows computer running Windows 10 LTSC 2019 operating system, or An Android computer with 9.0 OS, 1M mains cable, 1M LAN cable.  In both cases the compuetr is integrated in to the screen and comes ready with wifi capability. The Lupo can be bolted / screwed down to the surface it is to sit on if required. The narrow footprint allows many Lupos to be sited side by side in a small area, especially in portrait mode, consistent with user’s own space requirements.

The integrated QR code scanner can scan all 1D, 2D barcodes and QR codes. It is programmable, using barcodes from the user manual. It is at home equally with paper or mobile phone scanning. The thermal printer is a desk top type and its normal flip top for paper management / replacement is as easy to operate in the kiosk as it is on a desk

The Lupo is excellent value for a quality, locally built countertop kiosk.

Click here for the QR code scanner user manual with easy to use programming details.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Operating System

Android, Windows

Screen Orientation


Screen size


Extra Information

Lupo 17
height: 660mm portrait, 585mm landscape - to top edge of screen
depth: 254mm portrait, 254mm landscape - to front edge of screen
width: 364mm portrait, 524mm landscape
Footprint:  254 x 364mm

Lupo 21
height: 688mm portrait, 609mm landscape
depth: 254mm portrait, 254mm landscape
width: 364mm portrait, 524mm landscape
footprint: 364mm x 254mm

Windows Computer: Celeron CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2.4/5.8GHZ Wifi
Android Computer: RK3399 board, QualCortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53, 64-bit, 4GB RAM, 32GB EMMC Flash, 2.4GHz Wifi
QR code scanner: Newlands FM3080
80mm thermal printer: Ocom OCPP-80K 57mm or 80mm thermal paper rolls