Eidos 21

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Eidos 21 – medical check-in and public information kiosk and a favourite with the NHS for auto check-in. It is a wheelchair friendly, classically good looking free-standing kiosk designed for and extensively used by the NHS. Reliable self-service is what the Eidos has proved over more than a decade  The Eidos is equally at home in many other applications.  The Eidos-lite is the less feature rich and lower-cost version of the Eidos shown here.

Delivered with:

Eidos 21 kiosk (no accessories), 1M mains cable, 1M ethernet cable, door key, cable retaining plate



Screen sizes:
Eidos-NHS comes with a choice of 19” or 21.5” HD widescreen displays. It can be branded to be in line with customer’s logo and colour.   The standard version of Eidos is great value for money for its style, build and specification. Multi-touch touchscreen, LED-lit display head, powerful PC, dual-frequency Wifi all as standard!

Eidos 21 features our ION3 range computer with Celeron CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and Wifi6 with external MIMO antenna.



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Weight 28 kg