Self-service excellence

Introducing the Modus family, the answer to the rising demand for competitively priced, yet high-quality, ready-to-deploy self-service kiosks.

This lineup includes the Lupo, Merak, and Nivo versions, catering to countertop, freestanding, and wall-mounted applications, respectively.

Take advantage of the convenience and personalised experience that Modus kiosks can provide and lead any business to streamlined self-service operations.

Modus is your multi-tool to help you stay ahead of the competition.


  • Versatile and Affordable
    The need for self-service kiosks is rapidly increasing, spanning across diverse industries such as retail, healthcare, and hospitality. The Modus family addresses this demand with off-the-shelf designs that seamlessly integrate into any environment.
  • Stylish and Competitive
    The Modus family presents an adaptable, familiar styling, user-friendly, and competitively priced self-service solution. It’s more than just kiosks; it’s a stylish revolution in business operations, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Modular
    Compose a system of self-service kiosks in any permutation keeping intact the homogenous style across the whole of your services. Either desktop, wall-mount or floor-standing, in DDA versions as well, Modus can fit the purpose and be tailored to your needs.
  • User-Friendly and Accessory-Rich
    Popular accessories like receipt printers and QR code scanners are cleverly designed into the kiosk bodies, offering flexibility for your specific needs. These can be purchased with the kiosks or retrofitted as required. Additional peripherals can be easily added using Modus kiosk side pods, ensuring adaptability for evolving requirements.

Explore the Modus

Merak: The freestanding Modus family kiosk, Merak combines style and functionality to enhance your customer service.

Lupo: The countertop Modus kiosk version, Lupo maximizes space efficiency without compromising usability.

Nivo: The Wall-mounted Modus kiosk version, Nivo offers great space saving and seamlessly integrates into your environment, offering a sleek self-service experience.


Unmatched versatility and DDA Access

  • Adaptable Design: Easily customisable for various user needs
  • Modular Functionality: Versatile modules for seamless integration
  • Versatility in Use: Accommodates different spaces and user requirements
  • Efficient Performance: Streamlined operations, quickly and hassle-free


Adaptable design, ideal for any busy workspace

  • Countertop Convenience: Compact design for diverse settings
  • Sleek Self-Service: Modern aesthetics coupled with efficient functionality
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for various uses and settings
  • Convenient Self-Service: Streamlined and quick transactions


Space-Saving Wall Mount Kiosk Solution

  • Maximum Space Efficiency: Compact and attractive solution
  • Choice of Screen Sizes: Small wall footprint from 17.3" to 21.5" screens
  • Integrated Accessories: Easily-adaptable peripherals
  • Part of the Modus Family: Consistent quality and design ethos

Technology and Culture

We are the experts in the self-service industry, having worked with numerous businesses and software providers over the years. Our self-service systems are highly reliable and culturally adaptable while complementing a balanced hardware and software offering. K4B's user-friendly designs ensure ease of use and long-lasting functionality.