Who we are

The team at K4B have historically been a blend of electronic / IT engineers along with mechanical and concept designers. This blend has enabled us to produce stunning concept designs with well engineered electronics fitted into the design. We are dedicated to designing and producing self service technology and software for our customers.  Our designs can be found in many sectors – medical, hotels, airports for example and in many countries.

Nick Lidington  Managing Director

Founder of Kiosks4business in 2005 as part of another organisation and has been an electronics engineer for the last 30+ years guiding the kiosk concepts and designs from the very first customer project.  Nick still is an active part of the design team and can always be found discussing requirements with customers and advising the production team by being part of it.

Panos Trikatsoulas  Kiosk Concept Designer

Panos lives and breathes kiosk concept design in metal and plastics. Drawing on his years of expertise gained in Greece, the drawings and sketches flow from his pen when listening to customer requirements. A seasoned practitioner of Solidworks, his finished kiosk and technology designs are visually groundbreaking and have a seamless quality to them when produced.

Wendy Notley  Finance and Logistics

Wendy has many years experience in high level customer service, shipping methods to all parts of the globe and a solid view on the financial part of K4B.  Wendy can often be found talking to our customers about their individual logistical requirements.

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Lee Sapphire  Sales Consultant

Lee is the champion of our customers. Lee understands what our customers need and want, and accurately reflects that back in K4B HQ for us to deliver exactly to their requirements. Lee is always available and welcomes all contact with customers and potential customers alike.

Touchscreen kiosks for every scenario: explore the k4b range

We design and manufacture the following types of kiosks. They can all be customised to suit your needs – including any colour or brand application and any functionality.