Touchscreen Kiosks for healthcare:

Hardware + Systems + Software + You.

Our fully integrated touchscreen kiosks free up vital time by allowing patients to check themselves in, diagnose conditions and effortlessly order prescriptions. Only K4B can provide the whole package.

Why integration is important

Customer Feedback

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Bristol NHS Trust

What do we mean by integration and why is it important?

Every K4B kiosk comes as a complete package, ready to be deployed on day one. We are the only touchscreen kiosk manufacturer that designs and builds the kiosk, its computer systems and also its software. Then we integrate with your brand and your environments. This means that your investment pays for itself sooner and you can rely on support from only K4B instead of multiple suppliers.

Every K4B touchscreen kiosk integrates these four things…


We design and build the most stylish touchscreen kiosks available in the European market. Every kiosk is painstakingly tested for durability and usability – K4B kiosks are designed to last.


We custom-build computers for each line of kiosks, including only the components necessary for each particular kiosk. This means you only pay for what you need. Learn more about our systems.


K4B kiosks come with class-leading Announce24 software, created by K4B specifically for touchscreen kiosks. It's highly configurable and intuitive to use, so you'll be operational on day one.


No two customers are the same. We go the extra mile to make your kiosks work hard for you. Choose any colour, add your branding, and configure peripherals and functionality to suit your needs.

Self-service touchscreen kiosks for the NHS (and beyond)

There can never be enough people working in the NHS to satisfy all its patients in all ways, however, in many instances modern self-service solutions can offer a quality and cost effective alternative that is more than acceptable to most people.

Self-service touchscreen kiosks can save time for both patients and practices.

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Automated touchscreen kiosk solutions are increasingly being used in healthcare circles for a number of applications where the technology gets the job done quicker and better and to the patient’s satisfaction than just having more staff available. The uses to which self service solutions excel in the healthcare environment are as follows:

    • Checking in patients to a clinic appointment
    • Wayfinding for patients to find directions
    • Health information providing: patients drilling down to the information they want – particularly on sensitive subjects
    • Ability for users to email themselves the data or information they find
    • Triage for new patients – particularly where sensitive subjects are involved
    • Patient surveys – simple or in depth
    • New patient arrivals – find out who to see and where to go
    • When idle, screen plays chosen information advert.

With most people now familiar with mobile phones and tablets, where using the touchscreen is involved to find information, touchscreen kiosk technology and related software is now a readily acceptable way of finding information and not having to wait for the next available nurse, receptionist or doctor. In fact an increasing body of people prefer this method as it is always available, has no attitude, and can provide far more information than most humans.

Using K4B Announce24 software and a suitable touchscreen kiosk the healthcare provider has nine major areas of information provision that can be shown on screen. Each of these areas of information is shown on screen as a “big button” and has as much information as is deemed necessary to show to the User. The information can be in the form of particular URL sites, or videos, or information documents etc.

One of the “big buttons” can be for patient survey to be undertaken by the user. If the healthcare provider has other software that the user is required to use – such as in-house checking in system, this can be invoked at the click of another of the nine “big buttons” on screen. All the on-screen buttons are easily set up by the healthcare team to have the “look and feel” that is their own brand. When no user is using the screen an “advertising attract loop” is playing to show users it is live and waiting for them to use the service and with relevant information being shown.

Touchscreen kiosks for every scenario: explore the k4b range

We design and manufacture the following types of kiosks. They can all be customised to suit your needs – including any colour or brand application and any functionality.