Check in made easy

Implementing a self-service solution into your hotel can be a bold move, but it has been a smart business decision for those that have taken the step. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty are two of the compelling reasons.
What's more, guests love the convenience and personalized experience that self-service check-in provides, leading to higher satisfaction rates and repeat bookings. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of today's travellers.



With K4B automated check-in, you can experience seamless check-in and hassle-free hotel stays. Our solutions use the latest technology to make your check-in process faster and more efficient.

Enjoy a smoother and stress-free check-in experience with a Merak automated check-in kiosk!
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Technology and Culture

K4b boasts extensive expertise in the
hotel industry, having worked with numerous hotel chains and software
providers over the years. One of our primary offerings is a highly reliable and culturally adaptable
auto check-in system, complemented by sleek and stylish kiosk hardware
that aligns seamlessly with each hotel's unique branding. Our
user-friendly design ensures ease of use for guests, while our durable
hardware guarantees long-lasting functionality