FFT kiosks
(Friends and Family Test)

Asking people to give feedback on the service they have received is generally seen as an inconvenience to be avoided. More so on a face to face basis where there is no technology to do this. But, we all want to know what quality of service we offer and whether customers / patients really do like the service we give.
How do we get patients to happily take time to give feedback is the question?

Creating a no-fuss, convenient and acceptable way of asking for patient feedback regardless of patient demographic is what we have developed with our “light touch" FFT touchscreen kiosk package.

We have integrated the Friends and Family Test into our surveyPoint software to create the quick and simple way to gain your patients' feedback. It offers the patient: multi-language choice, easily understood questions, speed of operating and an easy way for the patient to express their opinions if they wish.

It offers the practice a variety of survey options and reporting styles that enable you to tailor the FFT beyond the NHS requirements to specific questions and ways you may like feedback on.

Adopting our FFT solution, enables practice personnel to concentrate on offering their service rather than manually going through hand written feedback. Reporting is also simple with FFT SurveyPoint . It allows you to, simply, customise reports to your requirements, combine a number of FFT kiosk results (e.g. a number of practices in a geographic area) into one report and also, call on the reports whenever you wish.

Read more about SurveyPoint and what it offers.

We offer our FFT solution in two packages:

The Standard FFT Solution

  • Any K4B kiosk to suit location
  • K4B SurveyPoint App
  • Set-up & training of FFT SurveyPoint
  • Survey(s) integrated reporting package
  • Prices from £1500*

FFT Plus (standard package plus)

  • InformationPoint App
  • On-screen Attract Loop with dynamic content
  • Proximity sensor for detecting movement to start App
  • Prices from £1850*

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