Virtual Reception / Check-In – What’s it all about?

18 July 2020
By Ed Notley

Virtual Reception (VR) removes the need for a receptionist to be available to receive guests or visitors. VR is self service reception or check-in. VR is very simple to use for even the least tech savvy amongst us and is a great way of queue busting at conferences or other events with many pre-booked guests or visitors.

VR can be used in a number of different ways to suit different situations. Simply, VR acts as the first point of contact for expected visitors arriving at a reception of a business, conference, doctor’s surgery or clinic, in fact any

VR can also log-in / log-out employees of a business as they arrive / leave work. It can also handle the unexpected visitor. VR can handle all of these scenarios simultaneously.

VR uses touchscreen kiosks with QR code scanners, web-based management system and VR software by Announce24.

How does it work?

For expected visitors: The host for any visitor(s) provides details and time expected of the visitor(s) into the VR dashboard. The visitor receives confirmation and a QR code in an email.

VR displays the visitor name on the VR kiosk(s) in the reception area prior to arrival. On arrival, the visitor presents their emailed QR code and VR recognises the visitor if the QR code is correct.
VR then contacts the host to inform visitor has arrived.

For employees:

It is the same process for visitors without a host being notified and employees names are not shown on the reception screen.

In both cases visitors and employees are time stamped in an out of the building.

For unexpected visitors:

The VR kiosk shows a “call me back” button on screen and invites the kiosk viewer to “call me back” if they need attention. Clicking the call me back button initiates a phone call through to the nominated person.

This is all immediate and very quick in practice.


In a building evacuation, the VR system is interrogatable by mobile phone when out of the building, to confirm who was on the premises at the time an evacuation was called. All personnel can be immediately accounted for in or out of the building using VR.