Touchscreen Kiosks for Museums

13 March 2016
By Ed Notley

In Museums, touchscreen kiosks can be used to help make your exhibits come alive with interactive tours, explanations and links to other learning materials. Touch screen museum kiosks enable you to expand the range of exhibits with photographs of related items and short video clips. Within Art Galleries, touchscreens can be used to show information about art history, information about the artists and related stories. The art gallery kiosks can show close-up images of sculptures and other art and help to inform and educate your visitors.

Kiosks4business Acis and Eidos models are great platforms for use within the Museum sector. Eidos (and Kendo) are DDA compliant wheelchair accessible kiosk designs with screen sizes ranging from 19in all the way up to high definition 42in models. The kiosks feature superior screens and high-quality multi-touch touchscreens. For wall-mounted positions or where digital signage is a requirement, the Acis model is a great choice.

With slim width to maximise space for exhibits, Acis can be built with a single or dual screen where the lower screen includes a touchscreen for interaction and the upper screen can be used as a digital sign. Additionally, Acis can be built to include audio, headphone socket and many other options. Both models can be manufactured with your choice of colour and include your branding.

There are always some areas where the materials and finish need to suit their environment more than standard Aluminium finished kiosks. Our recent project installed at the Bodleian Library in Oxford involved the design of a completely bespoke wooden table along with enclosures with widescreen displays.