The Student Hotel – Vienna, Austria

5 January 2021
By Ed Notley

Amazing check-in desk design and arrangement

Its amazing what you can do when designing new auto check-in systems. This is the final result of new The Student Hotel check-in desks at their new hotel in Vienna. The kiosk and systems plate of this design was done and manufactured by ourselves at K4B in Reading to drop fit into the furniture you see here. Both the yellow desks and the blue desks in the back ground.

The kiosks are based on our PULSAR

furniture-top kiosk design. The kiosk stays the same but the integration plate can vary to suit the furniture it is to be incorporated into. The Berlin hotel design also featured the PULSARkiosk but with different integration plates. Even we were stunned with the final outcome of the design and finished look. (it all works well as well)