More check-in kiosks destined for the NHS

5 May 2020
By Ed Notley

Well, the Government said that if you are producing products that have to be manufactured then you can go to your place of work. This is what we have been doing. The Eidos kiosks have been a solid feature in many NHS locations over the UK for years. 

This is the latest batch to be delivered to them this week. It has to be said that for many years we have been delivering all our kiosk products with an everlasting antimicrobial surface applied to their touchscreens. It has always made sense to us that if our kiosks are being touched by many people over many years they needed to have some kind of built in hygienic means. Enter our antimicrobial shield! It could not be more topical than now when everyone has a much more heightened awareness of cleanliness, hygiene and watching what they touch. We hope our kiosks continue to help the NHS in the splendid job they are doing.