K4B Healthcare Kiosks

5 August 2021
By Ed Notley

K4B healthcare kiosks combine medical equipment and software to update medical records

Imagine self service kiosks combined with medical equipment that can take a person's vital measurements and update their record automatically where no nurse or doctor is required to help. K4B, can now offer this as a solution out of the box.

For example, the Eidos-Medical takes the well known Eidos kiosk and has blood pressure monitor, weigh scales and height measuring devices connected to it along with the software to guide the patient through the self service of taking their measurements with the self service medical equipment.

The Eidos-Medical (or any of the medical kiosks in our range) is easy to set up out of the box and does not need a technical person. The relevant software has to be loaded on the kiosk – this is done by the software provider over the internet. (We have links with several of the premier patient record software providers). The Eidos -Medical can be set up anywhere where there is power and access to the internet – it does not have to be in a doctor's surgery.

It maybe that many patients need their vital measurements taking in a locality where a village hall environment could be convenient to gather patients and be used for setting up the Eidos-Medical. Just one person would be needed to organise many people to take their own measurements using the kiosk. All records would then be automatically updated ready for qualified nurses and doctors to review as necessary from wherever they are.

K4B medical kiosks enable non skilled people to organise and oversee patients self testing for their vital measurements. Kiosks also allow a specialist doctor in one area to assess a patient in another area without the patient needing to be physically in front of that specialist doctor. K4B medical kiosks facilitate a simple and flexible way to gain a patients vital measurements.

The medical units connect to the kiosk via Bluetooth wireless. All units have bluetooth on board and need no other wireless capability to pair and connect with the kiosk. An internet presence is needed to connect the kiosk to it. This can be Wifi, ethernet cable, 4G modem or 4G phone hotspot – whatever is available or convenient.

K4B medical kiosk packages are good value for the solution they give busy doctor's surgeries with little spare nurse's or doctor's time to perform basic tests on clients. Call us to discuss which medical kiosk package would suit your practice.