K4B FFT SurveyPoint Software

15 March 2022
By Ed Notley

Thank you for your interest in our FFT kiosks and software.

So what’s the big deal about our solution?

SurveyPoint is used by many in medical circles for all kinds of patient or staff surveys on publicly available kiosks. FFT / SurveyPoint is not to be confused with online surveys. It is tailored for use on single or multiple kiosks simultaneously. Surveys can be simple one or two question surveys, or at the other extreme, in-depth questionnaires and using many different question styles.

Two ever present items about surveys: are – how do you get the patient to take time to fill in your survey? And, how easy is the reporting of the results gained, especially if you have several kiosk locations running the same or even different surveys?

This is where SurveyPoint is the master

SurveyPoint Makes it easy for the patient to take your survey, but also want to. Second, is the comprehensive but easy to use reporting process. It summarises all the surveys taken on one or more kiosks and presents a tabular or graphical form of the results. All of this is easily adjustable to your vision, and the best bit is that we help you get the result you want.

We have created a no-fuss, convenient and user acceptable way of asking for patient feedback, regardless of patient demographic, with our “light touch" FFT touchscreen software and kiosk package. We have integrated the Friends and Family Test into our SurveyPoint software. It offers the patient: multi-language choice, easily understood questions, speed of operating and an easy way for the patient to express their opinions – great for patients of any age and disposition.

What to do next?

Why choose K4B for FFT?

  • Choose any Kiosk style from our range
  • Add FFTsoftware
  • Use our service and experience with questions
  • Your FFTsolution is up and running with ease
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  • Inviting kiosk designs
  • Tried and tested software
  • Personal customer service
  • Exported around the world
  • 15 year track record
  • Well known to NHS & primary care