Announce 24: The online platform for touchscreen kiosks
Showcase your products and services; educate & inform on all health matters; comprehensive on-screen customer surveys using Announce24

Adding Announce24 software to check-in / self service kiosks greatly magnifies appeal and usefulness to users. Announce24 enables organisations to create, organize, and share content with their customers on self service kiosks – without requiring personnel to supervise or serve.

Announce24 in action is a centralized library of content for customers to access at any time via deployed touchscreen kiosks or other computers. Features such as “email-me-the-info”, surveys, smart search etc brings your content available direct to your customers whenever they need it – no personnel required.

When a self-service kiosk is commissioned for a single function, like providing information or paying for items, services or checking-in, they all need to impart some information to the user.
Add Announce24 – and your kiosk is naturally providing helpful information, offering other selling propositions, media playing interesting/relevant information to the customers/users nearby. The kiosk with more than one function that actually appeals to customers is a great silent salesperson…

Modular touchscreen software that fits your brand

Announce24 is a suite of different modules providing different features for different situations. Developed by K4B specially for kiosk use, it offers the ability to present up to nine different portals for nine different sets of information or user situations.
The intro screen (the attract loop) is an animated screen playing permanently on-screen showing any images, rolling text info and logo that you wish – asking the customer to touch the screen for further information or action.
Upon touch upto nine custom buttons appear on the screen from the attract loop. Each custom button goes to a different menu that shows any Announce24 module such as a website, video, PDF, Word document, Excel sheet, PowerPoint presentation or a combination of these.

Announce24 allows the customer to specify any websites they want to present – with options to show or hide certain pages. Every page also has an email facility allowing the kiosk user to send themselves the information they have just viewed on the kiosk.

Remote access for easy updates

Announce24 allows the kiosk deployer to set up the entire content to be displayed on a kiosk from any PC anywhere and to present the content on one or many kiosks remotely. One person can set up or modify kiosk content remotely and even update many kiosks in many locations.


Announce24 also has a “Multiview” facility where slightly different or completely different content can be applied to different kiosks in different places. (for example – a group of kiosks owned by one kiosk provider can have the same front page and logo but one or more of the sites may have different content after the front page, or just one page different in each kiosk but the rest of the content the same. This is easy to produce and update on one PC for multiple kiosks using Announce24.

Touchscreen kiosk software that works across languages

In situations where kiosk content needs to be understandable by different language speakers, Announce24 has a user selectable language facility to translate all kiosk menus. Content and websites that are provided from other sources will be in the language they were originally written in.

Staff Directory

This Announce24 module sets up a staff directory on screen. It’s a method of presenting staff that you want the kiosk user to know about and their contact credentials and photo. This could be a staff directory of a busy healthcare clinic or a gym where many of the staff have different expertise and need to be contactable. With Staff directory module each member of staff included will have a ‘business card’ displayed with their information, including a picture, is agreed upon to show.


As part of the newer Virtual Reception facility a Meetings module shows a list of daily meetings taking place. The meetings are loaded into the Announce24 CMS along with the known delegates – all timed to show on the kiosks for when the meetings are due. This enables people arriving to know that they are in the right place and that they are expected. Further directions can also be provided. Any scheduled meeting information also disappears from the kiosks at a user -selected time.

Image Collection

This module is for situations where a collection of items to view or products to show are required. It enables a user-selected image layout for a collection of images or documents for presentation on kiosks. A collection name is then selected for all images and docs and applied to one of the nine big buttons on screen. Any organisation that needs to display many products or images but needs them categorised and selectable at a top level needs this.


A significant Announce24 module is Surveypoint – a comprehensive surveying software tool. It enables you to run in-depth, multiple question, multiple choice surveys on-screen. The results can be published easily and in graphical or text form and on any or all kiosks deployed used for acquiring the survey information.

For a more in-depth view of the extensive capabilities of Announce 24 download the User manual here:
Download the manual

Announce24 makes the most out of a deployed suite of kiosks for the user and for the organisation that deploys them. Announce 24 can be used and run on any Windows based kiosk or tablet kiosk system