Kiosks4business (K4B) like its name suggests is all about the design, manufacture and supply of touchscreen kiosks for all markets. At K4B we design all our kiosks and manufacture them in Reading, UK. Truly designed and made in the UK.

Our emphasis is on the styling and functionality of the end kiosk. Most kiosks we design and build are customised for our customers or complete custom designs for particular applications. Our in-house design team take care of the physical design and styling to fit the customer’s application and styling cues.

Our team also designs the technology that goes into the kiosk for best performance, ease of use at a competitive price. The name kiosk is now a misnomer as many of our designs are pieces of styled technology to fit a customer’s needs. K4B has been designing and making kiosks for more than 10 years and has built up a strong list of clients, many of them international. In addition the physical design and build of kiosks K4B has a growing software offering for our kiosks. At K4B we aim to offer complete solutions in more and more coming self service applications.